The Strategy

Automated Trading Robot

Strategy is Simply What Works! And What Don’t!

Back tested Report


Accumulating Profit

Buy only Trade in 5 minute Timeframe

Computers Emotionless Just Works for Us .. Our Mind Don’t React When We Needed Most..




Plug and Unplug Manually

When We Hear Profit There is Loss Or Drawdown too.. Robots Don’t Avoid Buying Spot And it Will Be Trapped While Pullback On Start Of Downtrend ,

Market psychology is big Part Of Trading It is Very Hard to Write Code for It

By Renting Strategy You are Skipping The Painful Learning Process and Consistent Loss


Efficient & Consistency

Less Painful More Joyful !



Pickups Trade Regularly


Can Be Avoided Early

Technical Analysis & Market phycology

Review Everyday

Why Robot ?

Robots Standby all the Time and It Works For You! Follows The Given Rules!

Importantly You Can Avoid Chasing Market Wrong Side and Loosing Money


Too many Reason to Use Robot

9 Month Robot Trade